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T.I.F. provides coaching and training that integrates TOTAL fitness into your life, encompassing physical, financial, and spiritual well-being.

Hello. I'm Tony Carter, founder of T.I.F.

By now, you are probably asking yourself, "What does Total Integration Fitness mean?"

Are you in debt, wanting to get out, but don't know how?
Would you like to get in better physical shape, but not sure where to start?
Have you ever desired a more spirit-filled and purpose driven life?

If so, I have good news --  You have come to the right place!

Tony Carter

Tony has worked in the banking and finance industry for a number of years. He is also a fitness enthusiast and certified personal trainer. Most importantly he is a Christian. Early in his career, Tony realized what he enjoyed most about his jobs was the aspect of helping others achieve their goals. Whether it was giving financial advice on budgets or how to boost credit scores, teaching cardio boxing or giving nutritional advice, Tony relished in helping others. Always having an entrepreneurial spirit, in 2015 Tony created a platform to share his knowledge, skills, personal trials, and triumphs in order to train and coach others in becoming totally "FIT". Total Integration Fitness was founded to serve and support others in maximizing their life and do all they were created to do.

Tony currently resides in Jacksonville, FL with his beautiful wife, Dawn. Together they enjoy traveling and serving at their local church.  You might also find them at a car show or spending time with family and friends.

Tony Carter

Total Integration Fitness provides cutting edge resources.

Whether in video or article format, it is our goal to accurately equip you with the tools and keys necessary for your success. Please feel free to look through our video and blog library for useful tips on how to grow.  Anything particular you would like to know about but don't see?  Contact us today.

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T.I.F. provides coaching and training that encompasses and integrates TOTAL fitness into your life with emphasis on physical, financial, and spiritual well-being.