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In a previous post, we spoke about ways to get out of an “underwater” car loan. In this post, we will discuss a few ways to avoid getting into an “underwater” situation in the first place.   When you become interested in purchasing a vehicle, the first step you should make is to check your


You might have heard the phrases “upside down” or “underwater” when it comes to real estate. The same can apply to your vehicle. The meaning of this phrase refers to owing more on the loan balance than what your home or car is worth. For the purposes of the writing, we are discussing auto loans.

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Well, Q4 is upon us. This is what I consider to be the best time of year to purchase a car. As you probably already know, dealerships have goals and quotas to meet. Included in this would be end-of-year goals. Making a car purchase at the end of the year could increase your chances of


Cruising in a FJ Cruiser

Tuesday, 02 July 2019 by

If you have known me for just about any period of time, you know that one of the things that I am passionate about is cars. I love to see, drive, and occasionally buy them. I keep a mental list of cars that I would like to one day drive and sometimes own. They range

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