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5 ways to save

5 Tips to Help You Save Money

Wednesday, 17 June 2020 by

Have you had trouble saving money or are having trouble saving money currently? If so, this blog post may be for you. Here are 5 tips to begin a great savings pattern: 1. Start small. Whether you are able to save $5 or $500 per week or pay period, just start. Do not cheat yourself

fin coach

What is a Financial Coach?

Friday, 05 June 2020 by

What exactly is a financial coach and what exactly do they do? Think of them as a personal trainer for your finances. I also like to paint this picture for my clients. Think of us as architects for your financial house. We may have to start from scratch if you have no knowledge of finances.

Heading back to gy m Covid

At the time of writing this, things are loosening up around the U.S. and several businesses are beginning to reopen with special guidelines. Gyms are amongst those businesses. Many of you are eager to get back on the “gain train” while others who are just as anxious have a big concern about safety as well.

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Untitled Design

A few years ago, the singer, Robin Thicke came out with a song called “Blurred Lines.”  This song comes to mind when I think about the adjustment to working from home full time.  I have spoken with a few people who have had challenges in this area and I was no exception.  Here are 5